La Calle en Puebla

La Calle en Puebla

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These mini prints are the perfect addition to a gallery wall, a shelf, or even a workspace. The photos are taken in different places in Mexico so you can feel and even envision what Mexico is like through these little pictures of everyday life there.

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Specs for framing

  • Each print is framed in house

  • Frames come in white wood

  • There's a white matte, 1 inch on each side

  • Framed using standard acrylic


  • 4x4 print in a 7x7 frame

  • 5x5 print in an 8x8 frame

  • 6x6 print in a 9x9 frame

  • 7x7 print in a 10x10 frame

  • 8x8 print in a 11x11 frame