Callejón de los Sapos

Callejón de los Sapos

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The Alley of the Frogs. It’s said that in colonial times the San Francisco River would overflow frequently into this specific street which attracted a lot of toads and frogs.

This quiet view of the street isn’t common during the weekend, as it’s usually filled with a tianquis. Street vendors set up their tables to sell arts, crafts, antiques, and food. There’s usually music and live entertainment as you walk the street.

You can really see the colonial influence in the windows and entryways of these shops and homes.

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Specs for this print:

  • Printed in Chicago on matte rag paper (similar to watercolor paper)

  • Each print comes with a 1" border for handling

Specs for framing:

  • Each print is framed in house

  • Frames come in white wood

  • With a white matte, 2 inches on each side

  • Included is hardware needed to hang your print

  • Framed using standard acrylic

Total Dimensions with frame:

  • Small- 16 1/2" x 21 3/4"

  • Med- 21 3/4" & 29 3/4"

  • Large- 31 1/2" x 43 1/2"