Penqueña Vid

Penqueña Vid

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Tourism in Mexico is usually isolated to the coastal regions. Work culture in the US is demanding and the promise of a week-long vacation on the beach with no worries and a swim-up bar is very appealing. The resorts in Mexico offer massages, crystal clear pools, and dinner cruises. 

Part of creating this tranquil atmosphere is to have beautiful landscapes that have no resemblance to life back home. Vines, trees, and flowers grow in abundance, and even the rock walls offer some security. Many resorts are all-inclusive so there’s not even a need to leave the resort. While San Miguel isn’t a coastal city, there is a resort in the town that offers that same peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, while still walking distance from the town’s culture-filled center.

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Specs for this print:

  • Printed in Chicago on matte rag paper (similar to watercolor paper)
  • Each print comes with a 1" border for handling.

Specs for framing

  • Each print is framed in house
  • Frames come in white wood
  • With a white matte, 2 inches on each side
  • Included is hardware needed to hang your print.
  • Framed using standard acrylic

Total Dimensions:

  • Small- 16 1/2" x 21 3/4"
  • Med- 21 3/4" & 29 3/4"
  • Large- 31 1/2" x 43 1/2"