The story behind the shop.

I've been so encouraged by my friends and family as I launch this new business. I'm so grateful, because putting something out there is such an emotional rollercoaster.

I've been a wedding photographer for 9 years with the best partner I could ever ask for, my husband Michael. Hey boo! *waves* (he reads all my blog posts...or so I hope). I've loved building a business with him where we can hang out doing what we both love; documenting stories.

However, over the past year and a half I felt a complete shift in our personal life. As the political climate started to change, I started to realize I was living in this bubble. I felt shocked and sad as I saw micro-racist and sometimes straight up rasist comments being thrown around social media. The people saying these things would tell me I'm "One of the 'good Mexicans'" or "'You're not like them'".

But you know what, I AM Mexican, and I was tired of just nodding my head politely.

So I decided to find my voice through my camera. I'm great at reading people and documenting their stories, but I wasn't good at documenting my own. I really want to teach my children to be proud of their heritage, but in order to do that, I needed to know what it meant for me to be a Mexican-American first. I've been quiet, polite, and safe in my words for far too long, but I want to empower my kids in who they are.

I found a workshop led by two photographers from Canada who have been leading groups through San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for over a decade. This is the workshop if you're interested: San Miguel Photo Workshop. It was the best investment I've ever made in myself.

I had nothing else to do except take pictures and think. And think. And think. This was the first time I felt empowered by my camera. I felt like I had a talent and a responsibility. I needed to stop feeling frustrated and letting it harbor resentment, and actually be proactive.

*the pictures above were taken by other workshop attendees (obviously not me).

Just like I'm passionate about educating my children (I homeschool...but that's anther story), I'm equally passionate about educating others when it comes to Mexico, the United States' southern neighbor. In the US, Cinco de Mayo is a glorified "let's drink tequila" holiday, but the Mexican culture is much more than taco Tuesday, bottomless margaritas, and piñatas. I want to show the vibrancy, beauty, and HUMANITY, that is Mexico, one piece of art at a time.

Thanks for joining in this journey with me.

I'm excitedly planning my next trip back in early 2018.

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