Arroz con Leche | Recipe

It's that time of year where you might be scrambling to pull out an awesome dessert as the host of a family dinner. Or if you're a guest, you want to bring something more unique than the typical sugar cookie doused in red and green sprinkles. Well I have a great idea that could really impress your friends and family this holiday season: Arroz con leche (translated: "rice with milk"). It's pretty much the Mexican version of rice pudding.

All in all, it's a big bowl of deliciousness. 

It can be eaten as a hot dessert (which is what I prefer) or cold in the morning as breakfast. With only 5 ingredients, it's pretty easy to make. 


I searched google for a recipe that I thought looked familiar, but there are SO MANY versions of arroz con leche that I decided to make up my own. I don't know if it's "right," but it's simple and it tastes good, so I'm sticking to it. 

Gather your ingredients: (serves 8-10)

5 cups of milk

1 cup of short-medium rice

2 whole cinnamon sticks

7oz La Lechera (half can)

7oz Sweetened Condensed Milk (half can)

*optional 1/4 cup golden raisins


Now what?

I'm all for the super simple instructions, so I'm going to lay it out plainly for you. 

1. Pour 2 cups of milk in your pot, add cinnamon sticks, and add in your rice. 

2. Bring to a boil, then turn heat low so it will simmer. 

3. Let the rice cook and soak up the liquid. About 10-15 minutes.

4. Add 1/2 cup of milk and stir, letting the milk absorb into the rice. Let your liquid content get lower.

5. Repeat #4 until you have 1/2 cup of milk left. Stir occasionally.

6. Add your last 1/2 cup of milk, along with La Lechera & Sweetened Condensed Milk let it soak up while stirring occationally for another 5 minutes.

7. You want it to be creamy with some liquid to it, but not like a soup. The right consistency is a soft pudding-like rice. Similar to a risotto. Keep in mind that more liquid will evaporate as it cools.

8. As you let cool you can take out the cinnamon sticks, and stir in a handful of the white raisins.

*refrigerate the leftovers...if there are any.

There are so many versions that honestly you can adjust to your own liking. This dessert is good hot OR cold. It can be an after meal dessert OR breakfast. Let me know if you have a favorite passed down version. I'm always so interested in the other ways people make the same dish. 

Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope you enjoy lots of time with your family and friends!

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