Traditions | Wedding Parade - Callejonada

I was in San Miguel last year when I happened to be in the main square as a wedding ceremony had ended and the Callejonada or wedding parade was starting. Being a wedding photographer, it was instinctual for me to pull out my camera and start shooting this fun part of the day (don't worry, I made sure to stay out of the actual photographers way).  


Mexican culture is so rich with traditions and celebrations. Weddings are a huge celebration where religious customs are highly regarded. The sacrament of marriage is a serious event, which is why so much thought is poured into a wedding day and the celebration is extended to include friends, family, and even the whole town.


One tradition that is practiced in some Mexican weddings, especially colonial towns, is a wedding parade which happens following the ceremony. The couple comes out of the church followed by the bridal party and the wedding guests. There's usually a mariachi band to accompany the procession, playing lively music so the guests can stop and dance along the way. 

Joining in on the walk is a donkey beautifully adorned carrying tequila to serve the wedding group. The wedding party walks with little shot glasses around their necks so they can enjoy tequila in celebration as they walk. This is like a pre-reception filled with lots of laughter, happiness, dancing and drinking. 


The Callejonada (wedding parade) is an amazing tradition where the whole town comes out of their homes to celebrate and have fun with the newly married couple as they head to the reception. 

I'm so glad I was at the right place at the right time to capture these shots.


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