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Sometimes I’m intimidated by making meals. Ok, most of the time; which is why Michael does the cooking. But I think that if I can’t replicate the exact recipes from the restaurant then it’s pointless to even try. But there can be an easy way to make this delicious meal…that’s simple and doesn’t take all day to make.

So today, I’m sharing another super easy recipe: pollo con mole. The hardest part of this meal is opening the mole container. I’m serious, wear an apron, and use a can opener. But after you get it open, you’ll be good to go.


Gather Ingredients

Chicken (Raw chicken)

Mole - Doña Maria

Mexican Chocolate -Abuelita or Ibarra



Now what?

1. Set your chicken to boil in a large pot of water. (About 45 minutes - hour)

2. About 20 minutes after starting the chicken boiling make your arroz. I’ve shared this recipe before…and it’s optional…but I don’t consider the dish pollo con mole without arroz.

3. Scoop out about half the bottle into a sauce pan.

4. Cut up a few triangles of Mexican chocolate and add to the sauce pan. (The more you add, the sweeter it will be.)

5. Take a ladle-full of water from the pot the chicken was boiling in and add to the mole and chocolate.

6. Stir continuously. Add more water to make it thinner until it’s a nice not too runny, not too think consistency.

7. Plate chicken and arroz, and top with mole.

8. Heat up tortillas and enjoy!

See, doesn’t that sound super easy? Yes of course. I don’t share this recipe because it’s complicated or new, but because it’s a meal that makes me feel at home. We eat this a few times a month and usually make this when we have company. It’s a nice and easy meal to feed a larger group. It’s definitely a comfort food/winter meal. And I hope you can now enjoy some too.

*Just a little side note: taking pictures of food while making it look as appetizing as it is, is hard…especially if that food is brown and runny. So I didn’t include many pictures in this recipe.


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