Coco Inspired Birthday Party


My son Elias turned 5 years old on April 11th. Every year for my kid's birthdays I let them pick a theme, which is usually what they're really into that year, and I plan a big party around it. They LOVE looking at pinterest boards with me, and brainstorming ideas. 

This year, I was especially excited when Elias wanted to have a "Coco" themed birthday party. We saw Coco in theaters in November and I was actually surprised by how much he loved it. I was surprised because he was the kid who refused to speak Spanish at Spanish camp last year. He also doesn't like any Mexican food other than quesadillas and chips.

So, when he himself decided on a Mexican birthday party I was like ok, I'm running with it, and going all out...within reason, of course. 


Elias had also asked for ONE specific thing for the party; a Coco cake. I usually make the dessert, but he really wanted one after seeing it on pinterest (thanks a lot pinterest) I knew I couldn't pull it off, so I ordered one from Pastel! Cakes and More and was blown away by how it turned out. Elias screamed with such joy when he saw it.

I also asked my friend Veronica to make cake pops for favors. I just want to say these are the best cake pops I've ever had. I usually don't like cake pops, but these were amazing...and a perfect cake topper for the cake. 

The rest of the menu:

Guacamole, agua de horchata, arroz, beans, quesadillas, barbacoa & carnitas from a local grocery store, and Palomas that Michael mixed toward the end of the evening.

Everything was delicious.  


I worked hard to transform our living room to a space that felt like Mexico. I displayed some of my pieces on the wall, and hung papel picado across our ceiling. Elena helped me decorate one wall with the quote from one of the songs in the movie; "Our love for each other will live on forever" It was great.

I also made a mural as the backdrop of the bridge from the movie between the land of the living and the land of the dead. It took me a few days, but with the help of my friend I think it came together nicely. At least Elias was impressed, which made it worth it. 


We had his friends over to break a pinata, and watch the movie Coco of course. They had a nice time hanging out and eating all the sweets they could get. We celebrated with family in the evening too, so it really was a day full of good food, celebration, and lots of love for Elias. 

This birthday was so great that Elias is already asking for a Coco birthday party for next year. 




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