Nachos | Recipe

My father has made making nachos into an art form. He always gets so excited to serve up a plate when people come over. 

DID YOU KNOW, that my father used to own restaurants? Two to be exact. He owned a small little place in Chicago when I was young so I don't remember much of being a part of that. But, when I was in college, he opened up an amazing restaurant in the suburbs and I was lucky enough to help launch it. I remember learning the computer systems and helping train the employees, working from 7am to 7pm doing all of the jobs. It was invigorating, and the food was the best (maybe I'm biased, but he had great chefs).

He has since sold it, but it's still up and running, and I'm so proud to have been a part of that. 

His nachos are a great appetizer to make if you're having people over. I'm sure it will be a hit, and will look like you're serving something from a restaurant. It's definitely something a little more authentic than a nachos and cheese dip.


Gather your ingredients 

Nacho chips

1 can Beans (Black or Pinto are good)

Crema (this is Mexican sour cream, it's not as thick and is a perfect consistency for spreading.

Avocado (one half/plate)

Chihuahua Cheese

Chorizo (half a link/plate)


Now what?

1. Heat your beans and use a masher to mash them. 

2. Heat your chorizo. Use a spatula to break it up like ground beef.

3. Assemble the nacho chips on your plate.

4. Once beans are mashed and heated pour onto chips. Add chihuahua cheese.

5. Put plate in the microwave and heat for 60 seconds so the cheese can melt.

6. Add chorizo

7. Use a spoon to scoop out avocado in slices. This technique will help cover the nachos better than if you were just to cut the avocado in squares.

8. Lastly top with the crema. 

Michael LOVES making nachos and usually finds any excuse to have them for dinner. Yes... he'll have this as his meal... usually when I'm not going to be home for dinner. Needless to say, he wasn't at all upset that he got to eat this plate of nachos after I was done shooting. 

Give it a try and tell me what you think!


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