Behind the Scenes | Production


Have you been staring at that blank wall for far too long in your home? Maybe it's that wall in your entryway, but you've been waiting for the perfect piece to greet your visitors. Or what about that little corner of your office that you just haven't gotten around to filling.

Well I want to help.

I pour my heart and soul into every framed print I send out. Not only do I travel to Mexico to take the pictures in each collection, but I then come back and frame each one myself.

Here is how I put them all together.

First of all, I work with a local printer to bring you a high quality photo print. There's a lot of vibrancy in my photos and I want to make sure the paper and the ink are just right to make the images look their best; as if you're looking right at the moment I captured through a window.

Then I get to work framing it. 

There are several steps to putting it all together. I use a drill to make all the holes I'll need. Then I lay down the acrylic, place the mat in, insert the print exactly centered, cover all layers with a white board, and finally, put the spacers in to secure it all. We want the print to be snug. 



To finish the frame, I cover the whole thing with dust cover Kraft paper.

I then install the hardware you'll need to hang your piece. I choose to use a wire hanger because it's easier for you to make sure your frame is straight when you hang it.

I'm a one-woman show, but I'm really loving being able to be part of each piece of the production. It makes my perfectionist heart happy. 

Have you checked out the first collection from San Miguel Mexico? You might just find that piece you've been waiting for. And I assure you that it will be put together and sent to you with gratitude and love.

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