Design Inspiration | La Ventana

I visited San Miguel de Allende, Mexico last month so I could tell you more about it and add new photos to the current San Miguel Collection. On my first trip to San Miguel last year, I was developing the idea for Karina Mora Prints, so I wanted to return now that I had a clear vision for the photos I wanted to offer.

I have a few pictures hanging at Sip Coffee House for the month of March, and I thought I'd do a feature on one of the prints as a preview to a new collection coming later this summer.

I worked with Kandy from Meandering Design to create a mood board for this print called "La Ventana," which means 'the window' in Spanish. 


The Adventurer

"The adventurer is a little quiet and a slight romantic. You’ll usually find her taking walks along the beach, picking up sand and stones or hiking up a mountain. She is often up in the early morning going for a walk and bringing home a bit of nature with her."



I feel like this photograph really speaks to the person who has an adventurous spirit. Saving up for an adventure is what keeps her going. As I wandered San Miguel de Allende last month, I watched people slowly walk through the town wearing beach-like hats and exploring the small shops and their various wares. The shops throughout the town have hand-made clothing, jewelry, pottery, and home decor. Each shop owner has such a deep passion for their craft, which is evident by the items on display. Finding a little piece from each trip keeps the memories from each adventure alive, and collecting pieces that speak to your soul keep you excited for your next trip. A beautiful piece of art is something to look forward to when you come home each day. Who knows what ideas of travel it may spark.


"La Ventana" was taken in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The homes are colorful and bright, making you feel welcome before you even step inside. Most windows are adorned with little plants that are more for the people that pass by to enjoy. The two colors of this home along with the vibrant green of the plants really caught my attention. The simple design stirred a peaceful feeling in me, making this my favorite window from my trip. 

If you'd like to order this print, send me a message. This is not available in the shop, but this month only I'll take private orders and offer free framing just for being a blog reader. Send me an e-mail or leave a comment below if you're interested in ordering.


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