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I'm doing a series on my San Miguel Collection prints and am collaborating with interior stylist Mylene Raspado

This week I'm featuring: Papel Picado

Papel picado came about during the 19th century, and was made using a chisel. First, an intricate design is drawn on paper and covered with plastic to protect the original drawing. To make several copies at once they stack many sheets together and chisel the design out.


This print is a favorite in our house. Ever since the movie Coco came out, whenever the kids see papel picado they’re automatically filled with joy; so when they saw this print in our house they were so excited and they called it the “Coco picture”.

I love this print for the living room. The colors in this print are vibrant and colorful, but you can still pair this with some neutral tones to make it a statement piece without overwhelming the room with color. It’s inviting and sure to create some smiles and joyful conversation with your guests.

Papel Picado Moodboard.jpg

Dress: Siempre Viva Clothing

Embroidered Moon Pom: Siempre Viva Clothing

Table Runner: Lola y Tula

Bedroom Inspo: Lola y Tula

Shoes: Lola y Tula

Necklace: Holistic Habitat

Pink Dress: Lola y Tula

Rug: Holistic Habitat

Pillows: Urban Outfitters

Bowl: Urban Outfitters

Chair: Urban Outfitters

This week only (until next Wednesday), I'm offering free framing on all orders of the "Papel Picado" print. Let me know if you have any questions about this design mood board, or this specific print. Just send me an e-mail, or leave a comment below. 


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